Namibia holidaymakers from Europe who like to travel via Frankfurt can breathe a sigh of relief: The German government will drop the transport ban for travellers without a permanent place of residence in Germany, that has been in force since June 20. This means that tourists from Switzerland and other countries can return home from Namibia via Frankfurt.

The change is part of the new entry regulations of the German government as well as the reclassification of Namibia by the authorities. They decided to remove Namibia along with South Africa and other African countries from the list of virus variant areas. From August 1st, Namibia will be considered only a high-risk area.

The reason for the decision is that in Namibia, the Delta variant dominates, which is the same variant that prevails in Germany. According to the Robert Koch Institut (RKI), the inoculated vaccines in Germany, if fully vaccinated, protect against the delta variant nearly to the same extent as against the original virus.

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