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Our media office in Windhoek specialised in marketing and public relations for tourism companies,
but also provides in-depth reports on topics of tourism, nature, people and history in Namibia,
as well as on key issues such as land reform or genocide during the colonial era.

Bush Blog

Here you will find a selection of articles that Bush Telegraph Namibia created for Marketing & PR customers,
published in other media or compiled specifically for this blog.

Lambs instead of calves

Years of drought, an invasion of mountain zebras and then on top the Corona crisis. 2020 was a difficult year for the nature reserve, the guest and farm business of BüllsPort. In contrast, 2021 is a year of new beginnings. In September, the newly founded sheep...

Hurdles for Namibia travellers fall

The land of endless horizons is again easily accessible for German Namibia fans. As of September 12, Namibia will no longer be considered a high risk area, announced the Foreign Office in the travel information on its website today. This means that unvaccinated...

Cure Corona Quirks – with a full dose of Naukluft

Week-long lockdowns. Constantly changing travel restrictions. For more than a year. Many vacationers are fed up. Justifyibly. BüllsPort Lodge & Farm offers exactly the right thing to cure Corona quirks: nature, space, tranquility. And all at a discounted price......