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Our media office in Windhoek specialised in marketing and public relations for tourism companies,
but also provides in-depth reports on topics of tourism, nature, people and history in Namibia,
as well as on key issues such as land reform or genocide during the colonial era.


Here you will find a selection of articles that Bush Telegraph Namibia created for Marketing & PR customers,
published in other media or compiled specifically for this blog.

Headlines of the week

Headlines – 9 to 13 April

+++ 13/04 – In the Kuiseb Canyon, a leopard attacks a German tourist through the window of the motorhome – victim survives only because of courageous help of his wife +++ 13/04 – Fishcor buys an old fish factory in Walvis Bay for 160 million Namibia Dollar, although...

Articles Marketing & PR

New impressions of Ghaub and Ondekaremba

Ghaub and Ondekaremba give visitors to their websites a good foretaste of their stay – by means of many new pictures. In December, the German professional photographer Alexander Heinrichs visited both of our lodges. Check the galleries of Ghaub and...

Articles Media

Trump as “Commercial Clown”

The lodge group Gondwana Collection has once again used US President Donald Trump for an advertising campaign for Namibia. In mid-January, a humorous video clip mocking Trump's alleged "sh...thole" statement on African states reached more than 660 million people in 45...

Articles Bush Telegraph

Hot debate about lions in the Erongo mountains

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism releases lions in the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctury (EMRS), which have killed dozens of sheep and goats of small farmers in the Kunene region. But in the Erongo mountains, protests raise, too. A media release of Bush Telegraph,...