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Our media office in Windhoek specialised in marketing and public relations for tourism companies,
but also provides in-depth reports on topics of tourism, nature, people and history in Namibia,
as well as on key issues such as land reform or genocide during the colonial era.

Bush Blog

Here you will find a selection of articles that Bush Telegraph Namibia created for Marketing & PR customers,
published in other media or compiled specifically for this blog.

Government ignores travel industry

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases # INFECTED: 1,032 # ACTIVE: 999 # DECEASED: 2 # RECOVERED: 31 # TESTED: 16,305 With its silence to the re-opening of borders the government risks the collapse the travel industry. This was declared today by the umbrella association Fenata in a...

First COVID-19 death

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases # INFECTED: 667 # ACTIVE: 642 # DECEASED: 1 # RECOVERED: 25 # TESTED: 12,789 116 days after the first confirmed corona case in Namibia, the virus claimed its first death victim. As Health Minister Kalumbi Shangula announced today, it is a...

Travel ban for coastal cities

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases # INFECTED: 539 # ACTIVE: 514 # DECEASED: 0 # RECOVERED: 25 # TESTED: 11,834 Since 00.00 today, residents of Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Arandis are not allowed to leave their town. Visiting these towns is also prohibited. This was announced by...