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Government ignores travel industry

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases # INFECTED: 1,032 # ACTIVE: 999 # DECEASED: 2 # RECOVERED: 31 # TESTED: 16,305 With its silence to the re-opening of borders the government risks the collapse the travel industry. This was declared today by the umbrella association Fenata in a...

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BüllsPort commemorates World War victims

BüllsPort commemorates World War victims

Annual commemorations and the memorial of Sam Khubis recall the skirmish between Rehoboth Basters and Germans 105 years ago today. Only a gravestone and a book testify to the violent death of the constable of the BüllsPort police station 18 days earlier... Caption -...

Namibia – Travel & Tourism

Knockout for tourism

During the recession and drought, tourism was one of the last sectors that gave impetus to the economy of Namibia. Measures against the spread of COVID-19 are flooring this sector. When it will rise again is written in the stars. After the main flight connections to...

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Hot debate about lions in the Erongo mountains

Hot debate about lions in the Erongo mountains

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism releases lions in the Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctury (EMRS), which have killed dozens of sheep and goats of small farmers in the Kunene region. But in the Erongo mountains, protests raise, too. A media release of Bush Telegraph,...