Starting next week, travellers to Namibia will have to have their PCR test verified online before they are allowed to enter. This applies to both air traffic and the border crossings to neighboring countries.

Travel code for valid test code

The verification takes place via the portal of the Trusted Travel System ( There you register with your email address and name. Then you log in and enter the code of your test (step-by-step guide here).

If the system has found the test code to be valid, it will issue a travel code. This code is required by the airline before departure to Namibia. When entering by car, you have to present it at the immigration counter.

Travel code before starting the trip

If your test laboratory is not TTS registered, you can have your test verified via the partner

It is advisable to generate the travel code before you start your journey. There may be no internet access at some border crossings.

Air travelers can apparently also have their airline carry out the online verification at the counter. However, fees are to be expected. A passenger from Germany reported to Bush Telegraph Namibia that Eurowings charged 50 euros for this service prior to departure from Frankfurt yesterday evening.

TTS mandatory on 15 January

Verification systems like TTS are designed to tackle the growing problem of fake tests. The TTS has been endorsed by the African Union.

Namibia introduced the TTS on December 1st. With the end of the transition phase on 15 on January, it will be mandatory.

Similar reports on travel and nature in Namibia appear in the “Reise Aktuell” section of Namibiamagazin (in German only).

Travel regulations at a glance

Entry into Namibia, also for vaccinated and convalescent people (until 16 February 2022):
• Negative PCR test, not older than 72 hours (update: not required anymore for fully vaccinated Namibians as from 16 January 2022)
• Verification via or
• Health form to be completed
• Travel health insurance, also for Covid treatment
• Pre-booked travel programme

Return to Germany:
Digital entry registration
• Vaccinated and convalescent: proof by certificates
• Unvaccinated:
/ Negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours from the swab
/ 10 days quarantine, can be shortened to 5 days with a negative test
• Children under 6 years:
/ No test required
/ Quarantine ends automatically after 5 days

Information on entry requirements for the UK and other countries can be found on the website of IATA Travel Centre.

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