Telling factual stories that mesmerise your audience

Our journalistic work comprises news, reports and features for online, print and audio media.

Being on site when former president of state of Germany, Host Köhler, visited Namibia (March 2015).
Enthusing pupils with journalism: Presentation on the “carreer day” of the German Private High School (DHPS) in Windhoek.

Our topics:

  • Travel, nature, people and history of Namibia
  • Key issues of politics and economics (e.g. land reform, work of German institutions in Namibia, dialogue of Namibia and Germany on the colonial period, demands of the OvaHerero for reparations)

Our strengths:

  • Successful work in the media in Namibia and Germany since 1986
  • Specializing in tourism since 2001
  • Good networking within the media and travel industry
  • Target group oriented intuition for topics
  • Experience in (and enjoying) telling exciting stories
  • Extensive background knowledge about travel, nature, people and history of Namibia
  • Thorough research
  • Competent, balanced reporting