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Headlines – 14 to 18 May

+++ 18/05 – Namibia Tourism Board ordered to reinstate its financial manager, who was dismissed three years ago, and pay her 1.9 million Namibia Dollar compensation +++ 18/05 – While preparations for nationwide clean-up operation are in full swing, Government refuses...

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In the footsteps of the ancestors

At the beginning of April, Ghaub welcomed an extraordinary personage who is personally linked to this place: former anti-apartheid activist Horst Kleinschmidt. In fact, there were two links. The first one was a photo he brought along, the second one was a gravestone...

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Agreed on basis for talks

The governments of Germany and Namibia have taken the first hurdle in their negotiations on dealing with the events during the colonial era. According to German Ambassador Christian Schlaga, during their sixth round of negotiations in Berlin at the end of September...

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Wild horses fight for survival

The situation of the wild horses in the southern Namib desert near Aus is becoming increasingly critical. As the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation announced in mid-November, the urgently needed winter rains in the area did not materialise. Man helps in a threefold way –...