The lodge group Gondwana Collection has once again used US President Donald Trump for an advertising campaign for Namibia. In mid-January, a humorous video clip mocking Trump’s alleged “sh…thole” statement on African states reached more than 660 million people in 45 countries on social media, according to Gondwana. Above all, the media contributed to the record: The video was mentioned in 1,140 articles. In the clip, a Trump impersonator explains what a beautiful sh…thole Namibia is, referring to the attractions of the country. It was already Gondwana’s third video with Trump as “commercial clown” promoting Namibia – after the clips about Namibia being the number one state in Africa shortly after the inaugural speech of the US President in early 2017 and Trump’s “renaming” of Namibia to Nambia last September.

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Headlines of other news stories:

Picture gallery at the ITB: The Namibia stand attracts visitors with large-format pictures by professional photographer and Africa expert Michael Poliza

Michael Poliza Desert Elephants Kunene Region Namibia

Internationally renowned photographer Michael Poliza. Copyright: Michael Poliza

Positive results in the tourism sector: Members of the Hospitality Association of Namibia report an average occupancy rate of 58.5 percent for 2017

Study forecasts further increase: By 2020, Namibia is expected to get more than 1.7 million visitors per year

Quick improvement of safety announced: International airport near Windhoek to be renovated by June

New lodge with inspired architecture: On the Skeleton Coast north of Möwe Bay the Shipwreck Lodge will be opened in June

Museum as a junk shop: “Martin Luther” museum near Swakopmund causes frowns

Tourist missing despite intense search in the Brandberg area

Old lady in a modern dress: Renovations underway at Avani Hotel & Casino (Kalahari Sands) in Windhoek

New B & B hotel in the southern outskirts of Windhoek: The Town Lodge opens its doors

Competition Report of the World Economic Forum: Namibia has better roads than South Africa

Wild horses soon counted out: Only 51 stallions and 35 mares left

Rhino protection extended from National Parks to private farmland

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Complete news stories published in the column “Reise Aktuell” in the print edition of Namibiamagazin no. 1/2018 (in German only).