Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
# ACTIVE: 26
# TESTED: 6,514

Namibia’s health authorities have registered 13 new cases of corona infection since Wednesday. According to Health Minister Kalumbi Shangula, the source of the infection is unknown in five of the cases.

Coast most affected

Walvis Bay tops the list with eight cases. These include a 45-year-old sailor (case 40) and a younger man (26 years; case 35), both of whom had no contact with a known case. The remaining six infected form a group: a female prison guard (39 years; case 34, colleague of case 32), her 10-year-old daughter (case 41) as well as two men (40 and 36 years; cases 42 and 44) and two women ( 38 and 28 years; cases 43 and 45) who had contact with her.

Mariental reports its first case: a 20-year-old student (case 37), who comes from Walvis Bay and had previously been there. In Swakopmund, a 55-year-old woman (case 39) tested positive who had a fever and body aches. She had neither traveled nor had contact with a known case.

Two quarantined people were registered in Windhoek: a Namibian (35 years; case 33) who had been in South Africa and a 22-year-old student who had returned from England (case 38). In Katima Mulilo, the test of a 44-year-old Malawian (case 36) was positive.

Stopped in Botswana

According to Health Minister Shangula, there are two new cases in Gobabis. They were tested in Botswana and sent back to Namibia: two truck drivers who come from Gobabis. One of the two had picked up his freight from Walvis Bay, the other must have caught the virus in Gobabis.

Shangula also had three good news: COVID-19 patients No. 26 and 28 have recovered completely and patient No. 22, who had to be ventilated, is on the mend.