Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
# ACTIVE: 325
# TESTED: 10,283

The number of confirmed cases of corona infections almost tripled in just one week. Health Minister Kalumbi Shangula has announced 154 new infections in the past four days. Again, significantly more women (88) than men (66) are affected. Among the infected are two babies, two months and one year old.

With 150 cases, Walvis Bay remains the epicentre. One case was reported from the Gross Barmen quarantine camp, with the person originating from Walvis Bay. Two people tested positive in Windhoek. One of them is a patient who was transferred from Walvis Bay to Windhoek. A new infection was registered in a quarantine facility in the Karas region.

Minister Shangula also announced that patient No. 24 has fully recovered.

Since Tuesday, 30 June, Namibia has been in stage 4 of the Corona related state of emergency. It lasts until 17 September. For the Erongo region, stage 4 only starts on 7 July.

Namibia not included

Meanwhile Germany has allowed residents from eleven non-EU countries unrestricted entry again. The cabinet decision became effective yesterday. The list includes Australia, Georgia, Canada, Montenegro, New Zealand, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. The restrictions were also relaxed for travellers from Japan, South Korea and China, but on the condition that these countries allow Germans to enter again.

The German government is thus largely following an EU decision that allows residents from 14 countries to enter again. The United States and Turkey are not on the list. Namibia is also missing. Germany is the most important market for the travel destination Namibia. The list will be revised every two weeks. Source: News programme Tagesschau of the German public television broadcaster ARD.