+++ 7/09 – According to Finance Minister Schlettwein, the government wants to ask China for loans of 10 billion Namibian Dollar for infrastructure projects

+++ 7/09 – All state hospitals in the Erongo region have been unable to serve meals to their patients for four days due to delayed payments from the Ministry of Health

+++ 6/09 – International airport east of Windhoek said to be expanded with the help of China for five billion Namibian Dollar

+++ 6/09 – According to Minister of Fisheries, Esau, his Ministry has received 5,193 applications for fishing rights

+++ 5/09 – Motorists in Namibia have to be prepared for further increases in fuel prices due to depreciation of Rand and Namibia Dollar against US Dollar

+++ 5/09 – Employees of state broadcaster NBC fear for their pension because their employer is five months behind with the contributions

+++ 4/09 – Loss of Namibia Dollar against US Dollar makes fuel more expensive: At midnight today, prices for petrol and both types of diesel will be raised by 40 cents per litre

+++ 4/09 – Miners union MUN demands withdrawal of license for tantalite mine at Warmbad, which dismissed all 94 employees on Friday

+++ 3/09 – Government of Namibia continues to seek reparations from Germany for crimes against Herero and Nama during the colonial war

+++ 3/09 – Private nature reserve N/a’an ku sé east of Windhoek apparently wants to keep five relocated lions against other plans of Ministry of Environment

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