+++ 23/11 – Justice rejects allegations that courts prize rights of alleged perpetrators in bail decisions above those of their alleged victims

+++ 23/11 – Ban of plastic bags in nature reserves implemented: Act provides for fines or even imprisonment

+++ 22/11 – Bush Telegraph on a trip through internetless bush 😉

+++ 21/11 – Supreme Court rejects urgent application: CEO of Windhoek Municipality, Kahimise, remains suspended without receiving salary

+++ 21/11 – Employees of Okakarara Town Council protest against the outstanding payment of their pension contributions

+++ 20/11 – Operating license for International Airport has been extended in August, according to control authority NCAA, only on condition that safety is improved

+++ 20/11 – Dramatic appeal of the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation: Population of wild horses at Garub will become extinct if Ministry of Environment does not act

+++ 19/11 – Veterans Fund manages four billion Namibia Dollar without written financial guidelines

+++ 19/11 – Conflict within Swapo continues: Unsatisfied members try to stop the planned extraordinary party congress in court

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