+++ 21/09 – Experts see main reason for economic recession in Namibia in government’s policy of savings

+++ 21/09 – NA Speaker Katjavivi threatens to ban journalists who use their cameras to zoom in on private data shown on smartphones of members of parliament

+++ 20/09 – Ministry of Defense can not account for hundreds of millions of expenses

+++ 20/09 – Air Namibia is considering using just one plane instead of two on the route to Frankfurt, without reducing the number of flights

+++ 19/09 – Ministry of Education wants to introduce harsh penalties to prevent government schools from compelling parents to pay contributions

+++ 19/09 – Severe sentences for murder and rape: High Court sentenced two offenders in separate cases to life imprisonment

+++ 18/09 – Namibian Non-Governmental Organisations’ Forum criticises that public does not have much to say at the land conference

+++ 18/09 – After two raids on tourists in the Erongo region hospitality industry wants to discuss countermeasures with the police

+++ 17/09 – According to figures from the Namibian Statistics Agency, government purchased less than half of the land offered to it in the course of the land reform process

+++ 17/09 – Investment of millions of Namibia Dollar in the fisheries sector creates hundreds of new jobs in Walvis Bay

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