Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
# ACTIVE: 13
# TESTED: 4,588

From Walvis Bay, a first case (no. 26) is reported in which someone locally contracted SARS-CoV-2. As Minister of Health and Social Services, Kalumbi Shangula, announced today, it is an employee of the private clinic, in which a seriously ill COVID-19 patient is treated. However, he works in the administration and had no contact with the patient. Experts of the health authorities are in the process of determining the source of the infection.

There are also three other cases: three students aged 21 to 23 (cases 27, 28 and 29) who have returned from South Africa and are in quarantine. Two have so far shown no symptoms, the third has temporarily lost its sense of taste and smell.

Meanwhile the COVID-19 patient in Walvis Bay, a 63-year-old sailor (case 22), is doing better. According to Shangula, he is still on the ventilator, but can also breathe again on his own.

The other seven members of the crew are in quarantine. One of the men also tested positive (case 24) and was isolated. Case 25 is a 32-year-old woman who works in the healthcare sector and had returned from Cape Town in late May.

Meanwhile the first two COVID-19 patients in Namibia fully recovered – after 79 days. One of the two was considered healthy weeks ago, but then tested positive again. They are a Romanian couple who lives in Spain and travelled to Namibia in early March.