Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
# ACTIVE: 642
# TESTED: 12,789

116 days after the first confirmed corona case in Namibia, the virus claimed its first death victim. As Health Minister Kalumbi Shangula announced today, it is a 45-year-old man in Walvis Bay. He had reported to the hospital with difficulty breathing. A day later his condition worsened, four days later he died. The test revealed a corona infection.

According to Shangula, 129 new infections were registered within three days – on Wednesday 55, yesterday 22 and today 52. One case has to be subtracted from Tuesday’s number: The newborn in Windhoek had apparently been tested too early. Its mother is corona infected. However, two other tests in the baby were negative.

The discrepancy between the sum of recovered, deceased and active infected (668) and the new total number given (667) was not explained.

Corona on board

Walvis Bay has 122 Corona cases. Among them are 43 members of a ship crew. Three other crew members had previously tested positive.

Windhoek reports two new infections: One of the persons was in contact with a known infected case and was already in quarantine, the second is a patient who was transferred from Walvis Bay to the capital.

The situation is similar with two new infections in Oshakati – a contact person from a well-known Corona case and a person who had previously been to Walvis Bay.

In the quarantine camp in Gross Barmen, two Indian citizens with a residence permit were tested positively. They had returned from India via South Africa recently. Lüderitz reported a corona-infected sailor.

The isolation station in Gobabis admitted another Namibian truck driver who had tested positive in Botswana and had been sent back to Namibia. According to Shangula, he is registered as a case in Botswana.