COVID-19 Cases in Namibia
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For 34 days the number of confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infections in Namibia has remained unchanged at 16. This was announced today by Minister of Health and Social Services, Kalumbi Shangula. Ten of the persons affected have recovered. The six persons who are still infected are doing well. However, the total number of tests is still very low at 1,511.

According to Shangula, 358 persons are still in quarantine. A total of 968 people were quarantined and 610 of them have since been released.

At the same time, Shangula emphasised that the countries of Africa are only marginally affected by the corona pandemic compared to other countries. Of the 3.8 million known cases of infection worldwide, only 1 percent were registered in Africa. In the 268,000 deaths, the proportion of Africa is only 0.5 percent.

According to Shangula the source of the numbers is the World Health Organisation (WHO). Europe has the highest share of the known COVID-19 infections and deaths with 44 and 58 percent, followed by America with 42 and 33 percent. However, Shangula did not point out that far fewer people have been tested in Africa than in the other areas mentioned.