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Our media office in Windhoek specialised in marketing and public relations for tourism companies,
but also provides in-depth reports on topics of tourism, nature, people and history in Namibia,
as well as on key issues such as land reform or genocide during the colonial era.


Here you will find a selection of articles that Bush Telegraph Namibia created for Marketing & PR customers,
published in other media or compiled specifically for this blog.

Namibia – News

Number of Corona cases ballooning

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases # INFECTED: 350 # ACTIVE: 325 # DECEASED: 0 # RECOVERED: 25 # TESTED: 10,283 The number of confirmed cases of corona infections almost tripled in just one week. Health Minister Kalumbi Shangula has announced 154 new infections in the past four...

Articles Marketing & PR

Triangle of Experiences between Etosha, Khaudum and Waterberg

Triangle of Experiences between Etosha, Khaudum and Waterberg

Everyone has probably heard about Hoba Meteorite, Ghaub cave or Ombili San Foundation, not to mention Lake Otjikoto, the museums in Tsumeb and Grootfontein and the Living Museum of the Ju/'Hoansi. But who knows the Maria Bronn mission station? The Dorsland Grootboom?...

Namibia – Travel & Tourism

Agreed on basis for talks

The governments of Germany and Namibia have taken the first hurdle in their negotiations on dealing with the events during the colonial era. According to German Ambassador Christian Schlaga, during their sixth round of negotiations in Berlin at the end of September...

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